About iPressGo

The Groovy Gals of iPressGo

We are Three Groovy Gals with a Rockstar Team

20 Years Experience in Digital Marketing

Building websites and running marketing campaigns that actually work is a whole job in itself – and it just so happens to be the job that we really love to do! 

Our culture is rooted in maintaining a healthy work balance.

Not just for ourselves, but more importantly for our clients.

We have tested and tweaked our processes over time to keep things easy as possible for clients to provide key project details and feedback.

Education is Extremely Important to Us.

We’re active in various industry forums and online groups to study the trends of businesses and consumers. We’re also trainers and speakers ourselves – sharing our expertise with other entrepreneurs at business panels, Meetups and industry conferences.

We Want to Create Opportunities.

As entrepreneurs, we want to give back by helping those who are interested in getting started with a digital marketing career. We select the most dedicated “GoGetters” and train with real world projects for them to earn the opportunity to join the iPressGo crew!
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From co-workers to business partners

The Groovy Gals of iPressGo

Our expertise brought us together initially as co-workers for nearly 10 years, where we managed email marketing campaigns for 400+ medium sized companies worldwide.

After the sale of that company, we didn’t want the good thing to end! So we combined our passions and started our boutique agency in 2016.


If you’ve failed to plan, then Kristine will strategize a digital marketing plan for you that won’t fail.

With an analytical mind and keen listening superpowers, she cleverly attracts potential customers and puts clients one step ahead of competitors.


A lover of creative writing, Michelle’s glowing energy drives the marketing machine of iPressGo.

From working with clients on social media ads to email campaigns to copywriting for projects, she’s a marketing managing maven!



The self-proclaimed nerd of the trio, Tiana eats, lives and breathes WordPress and graphic design.

Her creative designs highlight brand personalities while websites connect with visitors through a simple, intuitive web experience, leaving clients thrilled.