Blood-Sucking Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Blood-Sucking Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Detective Price heard the window slam shut in the next room a few moments after the power cut off. The snowstorm came earlier than usual this autumn and was sure all windows and doors were secure beforehand. She heard the wind howl through and knock over glasses off the nightstand from that room, or was it a person fumbling through the dark? Instinct had her quietly unplug the lamp next to her and clutched it ready to swing. The fifteen steps to the room were painstakingly slow and deliberate. A floor creak echoed from the room she was about to enter. Her breathing stopped to hear any noise and raised the lamp above her shoulder before flipping on the switch…

And BAM! Ten intruder kitties who found shelter in her room and knocking objects off of tables because they can, have taken over.

While this unforeseen surprise put a smile on Price’s face, she could have done without the heart attack leading up to it. Much like the sudden resurrection of some businesses email marketing programs.


If you are coming back to an old database of email addresses you haven’t sent to in some time, don’t send out multiple campaigns hoping to gain a sale. Not hearing from a company for over a year and suddenly receiving weekly emails can cause your list to tank, not to scare and upset some old customers. Instead, send a revival (back from the dead) campaign once, and only continue mailing to those that opened or clicked within the email. Remember, only send mail to those that want your mail to protect your email inbox delivery. Bad email practices can send all of your mail to junk folders and miss out on sales. To learn more about delivery and strategies to mail to old email addresses, read our blog here.

Research your contacts and get a higher sales return. No one wants continuous emails about information or products they don’t want. If you use Ecommerce platforms to stalk your customers…I mean, track purchases or abandoned shopping carts, target them separately and send out email campaigns to purchase similar products, or re-order past purchases, etc. This can always be setup to run automatically with most email programs. For more automated ideas to scare customers into purchases, click here.

Lock the doors and prevent customers from escaping, or “unsubscribing”. Sometimes, showing your customers one more option before unsubscribing, such as a preference center can leave the door cracked open for future sales. Provide them options to receive fewer emails or let them choose categories of mail they’d like to receive.

Avoid the Zombie approach. Humans don’t want to eat the same meal every day, and you shouldn’t send them the same email campaigns over and over. Your Open Rate will drop further and further, and more will unsubscribe. Instead, send them a variety of different types of mail to keep them from turning (into a zombie of course.) Send them emails with knowledge about your industry to without always selling them something. Over time, trust and reliability on your brand to inform your customers is the key to new and repeat sales.

Dr. Jekyll v Mr. Hyde. Don’t misalign sales and marketing as they go hand in hand. Not talking to each other can leave you with a Jekyll versus Hyde approach and leave your customers and branding broken. Instead, measure your sales results with marketing approaches to improve your strategy and receive higher return on investment. Think like a scientist and measure your results after each targeted campaign. Learn from your results, and move towards the light. Don’t let the horrors of marketing mistakes stop you from progress.