Have that nagging feeling that something is missing from your business?

You have a logo, you have a website. You might even be posting on social media, but yet….you can’t help but feel like something is missing.

We’re willing to bet what you're missing - is branding.

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Our Brand Intensive Sessions help you to craft a successful brand that connects with your audience.

Are you truly making an impact in the lives of your audience? iPressGo Brand Intensive Sessions are custom crafted specifically for your company. You’ll receive a Strategic Roadmap that uncovers critical, useful information so you can:

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Branding is so much deeper than a logo and having a cool website.

It’s about making an authentic connection with your audience.

While your ideal audience will definitely appreciate modern, beautiful visuals – they’re interested in whether your company is what they have been looking for.

What are you promising? Will you make good on that promise? How will it make their lives better? Do your services relieve their frustrations?  

Understand and create the ideal customer experience with iPressGo Brand Intensive Sessions.

What are iPressGo Brand Intensive Sessions?

The iPressGo Brand Intensive Sessions walk you through our entire branding process via Google Meet – or optionally in person if you’re in Sacramento or the Bay Area!

Each session will challenge you to remain open to new ideas and make strategic, data-based decisions based on your competitors, audience, and your business goals.

Once all the sessions are complete, you will receive a Strategic Roadmap full of insights and suggestions that you can implement across various stages of launching your brand.

The Brand Intensive Process

First, we’ll have a complimentary 30 minute Discovery call with you to learn more about your company, your frustrations, and what you’d ultimately like to see happen with your business. If it looks like we’re a fit – we’ll schedule out either two or four Brand Intensive sessions, depending on your availability and how fast you’d like to work!

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Session 1 - Substance

Why are you in business, besides “to make money”? The first session is all about getting to the core of your company. 

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Session 2 - Positioning & Persona

Next, we’ll guide you through the absolute must haves to discover where your brand can uniquely position itself to your market.

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Session 3 - Message, Story, & Visual Expression

We’ll help uncover what you want your customers to know about your brand and how to deliver that message to them. 

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Session 4 - Brand Intensive Presentation & Strategic RoadMap

In the final session, we’ll review our research findings, data, insights, suggestions, and more based on what was said during the previous sessions. The presentation will allow you to see the different opportunities your brand can leverage to make a true connection with your audience.

Discover your brand's superpowers with our iPressGo Brand Intensive Sessions!

We’re excited to learn more about your business! Schedule your complimentary Discovery Session to get started!

iPressGo Discovery Session

Complimentary 30 minutes


At the end of the Brand Intensive sessions, you’ll receive a Strategy Roadmap. While this roadmap will NOT contain a new logo or website, they provide the strategic art direction for a new logo or website that best resonates with the other elements of your brand. We understand that a lot of our clients already have logos and websites, so part of our strategy is to figure out how, if possible, to incorporate existing logos and websites into your strategy roadmap. We will include suggestions and visual examples to demonstrate how your existing logo and website can be modified and improved to better fit with the overall brand strategy.

Close! But not exactly. An iPressGo Strategy Roadmap is essentially a report of all of our findings, insights, research, and data that we’ll uncover for your company. After analyzing your audience and competition, the name of the game is to determine what will allow your company to stand out. There’s usually more than one way to accomplish something so this Strategy Roadmap lays out multiple options and allows you to review and compare.

Absolutely! There’s a lot of elements to a brand and each one needs to be crafted with attentiveness and purpose in order to be effective. That also takes a lot of additional time that you may not have – we have nearly 20 years of experience in digital marketing for various industries. From creating the brand identity, to copywriting, to building and maintaining your website – we won’t leave you hanging!