Critical Digital Marketing Decisions to Make During COVID-19

Critical Digital Marketing Decisions to Make During COVID-19

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made a sudden and undeniable shift on the world, and that is especially true in terms of your digital marketing objectives. Success in terms of digital marketing has always depended in large part on your ability to quickly adapt to what is going on in society and now, thanks to the Coronavirus, things are moving faster than ever.

People’s priorities have changed overnight and we still don’t really have any concrete indication as to when things will be going “back to normal” – if that’s even possible. Still, it’s absolutely possible to leverage digital marketing to strengthen your brand during these troubling times. You just need to keep a few key things in mind while you do it.

Digital Marketing and COVID-19: What You Need to Know

The first thing you need to understand about digital marketing during COVID-19 is that now, more than ever before, the collateral you create is an educational tool first and foremost.

Hours of Business

Your Google My Business listing, for example, is no longer simply an “online advertisement” for your business. It’s an essential source of real-time information that people can use to learn about your standing TODAY. Because of that, you’ll want to change and update it as often as possible as the pandemic continues to affect the way you work.

Always make sure that you mark your business as temporarily closed if necessary, for example. Don’t worry – Google has changed the feature to make sure it won’t impact your search rankings any longer. If your normal business hours are constantly changing, make sure they’re updated on Google as soon as you can. People want to support you right now, they just need to know how. Making sure that your Google My Business page is updated gives them a chance to do precisely that.

Email Marketing

Along the same lines, you’ll want to make an effort to save ALL outbound communications for only the most critical messages out there. Remember that right now especially, you are communicating in an over-messaged environment. People are stuck at home and are spending more and more of their time online and because of that, they’re getting messages from brands all day, every day. Rethink your marketing strategy and listen to what your clients needs are evolving into.

Don’t use this as an opportunity to send generic marketing collateral right now. Adapt your marketing plan to what makes sense in this current climate. Send your email campaign during non-peak times by paying attention to your audience and past campaign analytics. Use personalization if you aren’t already.  If you’ve already discussed Covid-19 through your marketing communications, refrain from fatiguing your clients with more information on the topic. Instead, send tips and valuable information according to your audience. Start a series of informational value that take place over several emails. Now is the time to listen to your current clients, and pivot your marketing efforts to reach those goals.  Send out an email. Make sure that every message you send is relevant and provides value to those who are going to be receiving it.

Social Media

Finally, make sure that you’re paying attention to the types of conversations that your target audience is having and interject whenever you can. Be particularly mindful of questions that are being asked on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as people just try to make sense of the rapid-paced news cycle happening every day. Do what you can to maintain this connection with people because at the end of the day, we’re all in this together. The relationships you’ve already built with your customers are going to play a big role in your ability to come out of COVID-19 all the better on the other side, and this adjusted approach to digital marketing will be exactly how you continue to empower those relationships moving forward.