Email Reply-to’s and their Importance

Email Reply-to's and their Importance

What used to be endless amounts of key entries into your phone to diagnose your question and only talk to recordings as assistance, has transformed into providing customers with the fastest human response. The common message companies are now trying to stress is that they wouldn’t be anywhere without you. The world of enterprise has come to realize the key to success lies in targeting and personalization. Marketing and technology have had a hand in making it smarter to target your audience at all costs. One place that can have an effective response is including a monitored email address as a reply-to address to respond to any of your subscribers’ questions or concerns.

A minor detail when setting up your email marketing program that is commonly over-looked happens to be the reply-to address. So many of the email newsletters that I join commonly state to, “not reply to this email as the inbox is unmonitored.” I have come to expect this and usually peruse over to their website to look up the “contact us” section in order to reach someone.

I cannot stress enough how much that can hurt business in the eyes of the subscriber. Many start-ups and other companies are sending out email campaigns with a basic no-reply message that sends a clear message to their subscribers.

Finding a Solution:

Is it too much to monitor replies because you receive more junk than quality replies? If you are limited in time, create rules and filters within your email client to help manage the responses. Virtually every email client can manage and filter out automatic replies or junk mail leaving you with the quality human replies! This will cut down the time immensely.

By using a functioning reply-to address for your campaigns, you’re letting your customers know that you care about their concerns. Customers want a fast response and a friendly company tone that shows they care about everyone. Perhaps there aren’t any resources to monitor an inbox full of replies, leaving you without an option to answer anything. The solution can be an automatic reply to your customers notifying them that you have received their email and to direct the customer to complete a Contact Us form or go to a live chat with a representative. It wouldn’t be a functioning Reply-To, but you are still responding to anyone who may have hit the Reply button, rather than leaving those wondering if anyone heard them at all. Offering a quick solution delivered right to their inbox will impact your customer’s thoughts in the long run for return business.

One company that took the reply-to address to another level is Tom’s one-for-one shoe company. Tom’s has gotten ahead of the game by not only providing an easy reply-to address that gets answered within 48 hours, but by providing a quick link posted in several places about live chat. This gave customers a faster response and personal touch with their options of customer service. I even caught myself being in a friendly upbeat mood with the live chat specialist helping me with answers within moments of my questions! Their response time to provide me a quality answer to my needs left their image fresh in my mind long after contact. It felt quite comforting that frustration wasn’t any part of my experience, ever.

A reply-to address is just the beginning of reaching out to your customer’s concerns in creating unique ways of timely response. It can only increase the amount of activity within your subscribers and provide the continual return of their business with you!