Grow your Subscriber List – 7 Strategies

Grow your Subscriber List - 7 Strategies

Email marketing is a strong channel for your revenue and any company not including this in their marketing arsenal is seriously missing out on a significant amount of business. It isn’t easy building a subscriber database in a short amount of time, but with several marketing strategies and consistency it can become large enough to enjoy the benefits of email marketing.

Each business is different and in varying stages of growth. Research the correct level of strategies for your company. What works for a beginning budding business might not work for an established business over 20 years. As always, it becomes trial and error.

  1. Include a Smart Sign-up Form. Create a smart pop-up form that will display for first time visitors or reset every few days so it does not bother any new web traffic. If you aren’t keen on the appearance of a pop-up form, insert a feature box sign up form that lives at the top of your homepage, where they can’t miss it. Offer an incentive for them to sign up such as free shipping or coupon code for a percentage off their first purchase in exchange for their email.

    Temple has a corner pop-up form that stays in place even as you scroll down the website. This did include an incentive to grab your email address.

    Express includes a feature form that scrolls with you so it is consistently in view at the bottom of your browser. This smart form remembered me and did not display the next time I visited the site.

    Bobbi Brown included a pop-up form that blurred most of the site, causing you to focus on the pop-up to fill out or close. It did not remember my IP and continually popped up every time I visited the site. It did include an incentive of 15% off your first order from them.

  2. Additional information is power. Try collecting more than their email address but don’t ask so much information that the customer walks away from finishing the form. Grab their zip code and first name which can aid in personalization as well as marketing information based on their location. Any additional information will help you tailor email campaigns that are targeted and will have a higher chance of completing a sale as a result. What few pieces of information would be key to your marketing program for your business? 
  3. Email frequency. Allow your subscribers the choice to subscribe to their own frequency during the signup process. Offer choices like, “3-5 times weekly for our daily specials, once a week for our important news updates, or once a month for our monthly newsletter.” Letting them dictate how much you reach out to them will keep them subscribed longer overall, retaining longer relationships. I have often attempted to unsubscribe because of too many email campaigns and during the unsubscribe process they will allow me to change my rate of receiving emails as well as a chance to unsubscribe. There’s the potential to keep your subscriber subscribed with alternate choices.

  4. Grab their email address in person. If your business has a brick and mortar store offer to take their email address at checkout and assure them their address will not be given out. If you have a booth at a tradeshow include a box and short form so customers can drop off their email address for a chance to win something. If you are a daytime spa, offer a free manicure and pedicure package to one lucky winner. 
  5. Blog page signups. Insert a simple sign-up form on your website below each blog post entry. If you receive blog traffic from an external link or social channel, use the opportunity to continue reading your blog posts and sign up for your newsletter. Include a featured blog within your email newsletter so they can continue reading them and other information included in your newsletter. 
  6. Include a free download in exchange for their email address. Or include a free template if they sign up for your newsletter. Show your customers the value of your products/information at the start of the relationship without any monetary investment on their end. Customers will be more inclined to make a purchase of additional products after receiving the first one free. You can also offer an upsell to the customer if they refer their friend and they also sign up for your newsletter. Perhaps it is an upgraded membership at no extra cost or a free product for every person they successfully sign up. 
  7. Be a guest blog writer. Write a case study or a blog featuring another company’s product/technology and reach out to them and see if they will feature your blog in their marketing program. Include a simple sign-up form at the bottom of that blog. This can generate a lot of cross revenue and traffic for your website when they include it in their newsletter to all of their subscribers. A free promotion and new foot traffic back to your own site, which features the blog and its original content on your website so it cannot be taken down unless you decide to! A huge win!