How Content Marketing and SEO Work Together

How Content Marketing and SEO Work Together

As the internet ages and becomes smarter, search algorithms have also grown smarter and tailor towards fresh, quality content. Modern SEO algorithms are constantly evolving in order to return relevant quality answers.

Content and SEO become dependent upon each other in order to be successful. Without unique and continuous fresh content published to your website, your SEO results will be minimal. The two are Yin and Yang.

Let’s look at how content marketing and SEO work together.

What is SEO? – SEO is the process sending traffic to your website as a result of showing up organically in search results on search engines like Google.

What is Content Marketing? – Content Marketing is the practice of publishing articles, videos, social media posts, etc. that is intended to create an online community. It doesn’t directly promote your brand, but intended to inform your audience and eventually convert them to profitable purchasers.



Keywords are what search engines use to determine if it is relevant to the searcher and will display results depending on their query. These keywords are not only pulled from headlines of your website pages and the alt text behind the images, but in written content such as articles where more keywords can be pulled for what people are searching for. Content marketing is an opportunity to expand on keywords where you otherwise are limited with alt text descriptions behind your images or the copy on your homepage. It’s a natural way to expand your keywords and inform your community of topics related to your industry.

The goal is with the right keywords and a continuous stream of new content, your website will return a search result that people will click on. The trick is to position your content in a way that will get picked up in a search result. Understand your audience and tailor your content to answer the way people are searching. If you sell camping gear and want higher rankings related to sleeping bags, instead of cramming sleeping bag related phrases and name brands write an article or step by step guide on “How to Find the Right Sleeping Bag for Your Upcoming Camping Trip.” It won’t only give you plenty of keyword opportunity, but will be informational. If you publish articles or blogs on a consistent basis, a community will begin to build and turn to you for information on your industry.


The ultimate SEO success is having your article/website referenced by a large company or non-profit. The best way to achieve this is publishing amazing content at a continuous pace. You’ll become reputable by a trustworthy company linking back to your content.

Of course, until that powerful company backlinks to your website, the best method is to link back to your content in social media posts that people can share and link back to. We then dip into the value of having a large following on your social media page and how to amass a bigger following than you currently have. Mention explains strategy worth reading about increasing your social media reach here.



SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) are web pages delivered to people searching online using a search engine, like Google or Bing. The list created for the user will give results based on their keywords and they can select the most relevant page from there. Searching for “camping sleeping bags” I’m given the following results, with sponsored ads at the top and organic results below showing me where I can purchase sleeping bags. No surprise that REI is the top result, but an obvious content article just below written to discuss types of sleeping bags, might just be enough to convince me to click that website instead of the more well-known REI company. The link takes me to Switchbacktravel.com’s published guide with links to purchase products within each guide.


Good SEO practices are consistently publishing useful content that people are searching for. And content marketing is necessary to uphold SEO rankings. One cannot live without the other.

Content marketing is a full time job. Without the consistent output of quality content, your SEO rankings will fall and slowly die out. It is imperative to write content people are searching for and to share it as far as possible with the use of social media.