Jumpstart Your Style Guide with a Style Tile

Jumpstart Your Style Guide with a Style Tile

Does your company have a Style Guide? Is your brand consistent online and offline? Does your website and marketing materials match the experience your services provide?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then it’s definitely time to start building your company’s Style Guide. If you’re looking to get started quickly, then a Style Tile is the perfect solution!

What is a Style Guide?

A Style Guide is a set of rules for each area that make up your company’s brand. While it contributes to the website’s design or redesign, a Style Guide is for all things used to represent a company and what’s delivered to customers. It shows how a company’s values, mission and goals influence the decisions for everything that makes up the brand.

Consider it a bible, a manual for everyone in your company to follow as they create documents, presentations, graphics and other supportive things needed to do their job. This ensures consistency not only visually, but also with the overall brand your customer interacts with.

Without a Style Guide, companies can find themselves with different iterations of logos on different documents, the documents potentially could be outdated, different language tones and messages – this creates a confusing brand look and personality. This could unintentionally make your company seem not trustworthy or professional which leads would-be customers to seek out your competitor instead.

While it is a manual, it is also not set in stone, meaning it always be a “work in progress”. As your company grows, hiring more employees, creating more products, and trying different marketing techniques, the Style Guide will also grow.

Style Guides should be very detailed and usually includes guidelines, information, instructions and resource access for:

  • The company (history, founders, values, mission)
  • Fonts/Typography (typeface, sizing, weights, pairings)
  • Photos (what type to use, where to get them or how to take them, sizing for specific situations)
  • Colors (primary set, secondary set, greys)
  • Logo (how to use it, how not to use it, minimum size, spacing around it, secondary logos)
  • Graphics (what templates to use, what not to use, what specific graphics are used for)
  • Icons (which ones to use, how to use them, how not to use them)
  • Example references (mockups – offline and online)
  • Language (tone, certain phrases, brand personality)
  • Layout (specific web page templates, documents, app interfaces)
  • Code (language used, how to format, techniques)


Check out these super detailed Style Guide examples:

What is a Style Tile?

Created by Samantha Warren, Style Tiles are a good place to start when designing (or redesigning) a website. iPressGo not only uses Style Tiles in our process for websites, but we use them to represent the entire brand in a snapshot.

They present the perfect opportunity to eliminate elements that don’t currently fit your brand (or figure out what you absolutely don’t want for starting new) and is a quick way to visually see how changes and additions have an affect on each other.

Style Tile examples from Samantha Warren:  same brand, slightly different color schemes, different color distributions and fonts can give a totally different feel. Style Tiles help see different options faster to make decisions faster

Style Tiles help our clients not feel “tied” to specifics like web page content and template layouts. In a regular mockup of a web page, since there’s a lot going on and a lot to consider, it makes the revision and approval process longer, which can result in a missed website launch deadline. They reduce both the revision and design process time significantly by focusing on just the look, separate from the content and other specifics that are best for the development stage like grid widths and responsive behavior.

They’re also an excellent way to quickly define the visual aspects of your brand, serving as a “starter” Style Guide until a more comprehensive one is created. Sometimes too much detail can be intimidating and create delays, especially for smaller or startup companies. Things like figuring out exact spacing around logos or crafting the story behind why certain colors are used shouldn’t hold you up from creating consistency, a quick reference might be all you need!

Don’t have Photoshop or the time to do it yourself?

Get a jumpstart on your Style Guide with a Style Tile from iPressGo!

We’ll work with you to find what’s currently working for your brand and what isn’t working and learn more about what you’d like to change or add. Using the Style Tile we create, you have the option of incorporating new color schemes ideas, fresh font suggestions, unique graphics and other elements into a detailed Style Guide or use it as your company’s quick reference.

iPressGo Style Tiles are a moodboard of sorts and expand on Samantha Warren’s process. They not only capture the feel of a website redesign, but creatively showcase how your website and marketing materials can be memorable while portraying the overall mood of your brand.

Check out some of our latest Style Tile examples:

Redesign your brand with a custom iPressGo Style Tile and get started for only $99 (a $300 value)! If you do decide to redesign your website later with us – we’ll credit the cost of your Style Tile to the setup fee.

Click the button to improve your company’s visual communication and keep it consistent with an iPressGo Style Tile!

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