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Shawn Raiford Sax - Social Media Management

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Social media has grown to become a necessity for every musician’s marketing strategy. However, one of the biggest social media challenges that musicians face is simply not having enough time to dedicate to both marketing and their craft. Creating a strong presence often requires managing multiple accounts, presenting an even bigger challenge.

But social media CANNOT be overlooked – 57% of users say they use Instagram to follow, share posts and tag at least one artist or band! Meanwhile, Facebook is still the number one social media platform, despite the numerous networks available today. And it’s the perfect place for musicians with 44% of Facebook users liking their favorite artists and interacting with them there!



Tiana Cameron

Consider iPressGo a part of your network for savvy digital marketing solutions. We are three groovy gals with a rockstar team and 20 years experience in Digital Marketing. Building websites, designing campaigns, and running marketing campaigns that actually work is a whole job in itself – and it just so happens to be the job that we really love to do!

Your Project Manager will be Tiana Cameron, web strategist and digital marketer. She has worked with a variety of clients from micro businesses to large corporations creating brand awareness, engagement, event attendance, lead generation and increased web traffic through design and clever campaigns.


Scope of Work – Social Media Management Services

With our Social Media Management service, you can take the daily social media tasks off your list! We use a strategic approach to content creation for consistent posting, monitoring, and engaging with your audience. We will design a strategy with goals to increase your fan base, extend your reach and build your influence in the online music community.

Based on your goals and budget, you can best decide the duration of our services with monthly, quarterly, semi annual, and annual options.

Competitive Analysis

We performed a social media audit of your profile against three other profiles:

  • Shawn Raiford
  • SoulTones Band – a party band, but from Sacramento,  shares local music community news
  • Christian Sands Jazz  – has a great visual brand on Instagram, an internationally renown artist and Grammy Awards Nominee
  • Chris Mitchell Jazz – most similar to Shawn in terms of brand, music, and audience


View Detailed Data Here >

A few fun facts based on data analysis of the last 30 days (January 5 – February 3):

  • It’s very obvious you have a lot of super fans!!! Your Social Interaction Index (SII) on Facebook is higher than the other profiles at 5.196%! This means your Facebook users have a stronger connection with you as an artist than the other profiles, based on the number of posts, comments, reactions and shares compared. Chris Mitchell only had 0.585% and SoulTones has 0.006%.
    • In addition – your SII value has gone up 83.9% compared to the previous 30 days, while Chris Mitchell’s has gone down by 76.7%.
    • Possibly due to the holidays, the other profiles activity significantly dropped from the previous months. However, Christian Sand’s profiles appear to be active again as of February 4.
  • For audience engagement across all profiles analyzed, Thursday was Facebook’s most engaging day of the week while posts made between 2pm and 3pm was the most engaging time
  • Saturday was your Instagram profile’s most engaging day of the week between 9am and 10am
  • Your overall Instagram account engagement rate is 8.19% – that’s almost double the rate for a profile with double the amount of followers!


Target Persona

Based on our initial conversation, the audiences to focus on are:

  • Current Shawn Raiford fans
  • Jazz fans that have yet to discover Shawn Raiford’s music
  • Musicians that are active micro-influencers and influencers 


Social Media Strategy

We’ll start with a Kickoff Meeting with all of the decision makers to decide on the goals and targets for your new social media campaigns. Based on our initial call, some of those goals include:

  • Increase followers and fans
  • Increase song/album streams
  • feature the upcoming song, “Good Vibrations”
  • Merchandise promotions 

During the call, we will also talk about upcoming events, band and music related news/milestones, business plans, and more to craft a content calendar. Our primary focus will be on developing consistent social activity on Shawn Raiford’s Instagram and Facebook profiles. 

We will post anywhere from 2-5 posts a week that feature curated content sharing, educational, news, inspirational content, questions for interaction, promotions – all with the above listed goals in mind. We recommend creating an “Instagram” page on your current website that acts as a landing page for quick links and email list sign up. This will act as your “Linktree” page while giving your site the actual visits instead of Linktree.

Content Preparation

From our conversation, I believe adding a lifestyle component (aka show behind the music – YOU!) will be the “icing on the cake” as the supplement to our social media services. We can help you create your lifestyle content with photography services on an as needed basis, but we recommend recording and taking lots of candid photos that can be used in later posts to further boost the lifestyle content. We will also provide graphic design services to bring a more cohesive, visual brand to your profiles, and will also create bite-sized videos used for Stories and posts.

After the Kickoff call, you will receive a customized Strategy Report that contains:

  • What was discussed and finalized in the call – goals, audience, campaign focus for each month, overall campaign for the duration of services, etc.
  • Initial content calendar – we aim to create the first month’s worth of posts based on content that is ready to be used immediately.
  • Mockup posts to get a feel of the visual brand on your profiles
  • Content Inventory Checklist – a list of different resources you can use to provide content to us.
    It is crucial that any items needed for future planned content be provided to us where needed and as soon as possible to start crafting posts beyond the first month


Campaign Implementation

Once the actual strategy has been decided and approved, we will perform the following tasks:

  • Dedicated management of Shawn Raiford’s Facebook and Instagram accounts 
  • One daily posting max = 2-5 times a week, per account
  • Create Facebook and Instagram branded post set
  • Interaction – respond to messages and comments
  • Flag inappropriate comments
  • Influencer engagement
    • Likes to latest posts for popular hashtags
    • Comments and likes on influencer posts
  • Develop benchmark metrics to measure results
  • Monthly analytics report
    • KPIs:
      • Number of followers
      • Number of tags
      • Likes, shares, comments
      • User sentiment
  • Monitor trends
  • Monitor the activities of competitors
  • Analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of the campaigns and strategies

Estimated Timeline

Estimated Timeline:

Starting February 15

Social media strategy planning/finalization/approval
14 days
Social media strategy execution
90 days minimum recommended

Your Investment

Social Media Management - Ongoing Options (1 account) 1 Month = $550 3 Months = $1600 6 Months = $3000 12 Months = $6300

3 Month Social Media Management - Facebook
3 Month Social Media Management - Instagram

Total: $3200

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