The Benefits of Custom Templates

The Benefits of Custom Templates

There are many fluctuations of variables, if done correctly, which will give you consistent email inbox delivery instead of landing in the junk folder. One piece of that pie is to ensure your html email design is optimally coded with a custom template you can build your email campaigns from.

 What are the benefits of using a custom template?

Streamlining the Creative Process – If the invention of the assembly line and the industrial revolution hasn’t yet convinced you of the value of efficiency, just think about your own marketing team! You may have your own HTML savvy designer, but what happens if this person is sick or someone has to build an email in a jam? With email templates, you already have the general style of your emails created, and there’s no HTML knowledge necessary to switch out the content or rearrange sections!

Inbox Delivery – There’s nothing more frustrating in the battle of delivery, than missing the inbox due to bad code. Custom templates are coded with HTML optimized for inbox delivery. So instead of re-writing code and rolling the dice with every Campaign deployment, why not know that with every email you send, your code is optimized for inbox delivery?

Reinforce your Brand – Rather than using a general cookie cutter template that doesn’t necessarily match the look and feel of your business, have a custom template tailored just for you! Synergize your emails and website to give your subscribers a well-rounded and well-designed experience, by including your own website’s navigational bar in your custom template with links back to your site’s landing pages!

Consistency Across Platforms– Your custom template can mimic familiar aspects of your website, and also provide a consistent backdrop for your messages with each Campaign. As creatures of habit, we find comfort in recognizing a brand by its subtleties!

Custom Flexibility – Custom templates allow you to maintain branding and styling consistency, but offer the flexibility to adjust to your content. You can delete, add, or move sections up and down with the click of a button, and content sections effortlessly extend to match the length of your copy automatically!

We have said it before, and we’ll say it again! Custom templates improve efficiency, inbox delivery, promote brand exposure, increase traffic to your website/landing pages, and is flexible enough for every Creative from your Welcome Series to a Re-engagement Campaign!

Are you using a custom template for email? If not, why?