Tips to Optimal Email Marketing Campaigns


Are you investing time in your marketing campaigns but feel like you’re missing out on conversions? The essentials for an email campaign that has been optimized for response is different than designing a campaign that will be visually appealing. It’s just as important to recognize (and embrace) the difference.

While brightly colored creative designs with loud patterns and neon wording is eye-catching, are you making a conversion because of the design? Or, are you missing out on ROI because the attention is being drawn to the wrong element(s) of the campaign?

You want to get the attention of your subscribers and the way to do that is bringing unique qualities to your email campaigns. Next time you’re designing an email and want to maximize the response from subscribers pay attention to the list below and see if you are able to ensure a clear CTA is visible and driving conversions.

  • Always be sure that your email creatives are optimally coded for email HTML and not web HTML…there is a difference! HTML for web supports much newer coding techniques than HTML for email. If your creative has not been optimally coded, you may find junk delivery and have a tough time making it to an inbox!
  • Use pre-text (above the header) to note the sale and/or call to action in the below email. Re-iterate this as many times as possible throughout your campaign as this is why you’re investing time and money to send email campaigns.
  • A header image should remain under 150px tall as this cuts into the preview pane for viewing emails. Anything taller will only show the header (usually a logo) and subscribers will completely miss out of the offer or action you’re asking for.
  • Make sure the Call To Action (CTA) is prominent in your design and optimally within the first 300px of the creative. This ensures the subscriber knows what you’d like from them without needing to scroll through the creative. Including a button with a hyperlink to the desired URL is a great way to both capture your subscribers attention and at the same time allow subscribers a 1-click solution to help along conversions.
  • If you have a lot of verbiage to include or just overall information, choose 2-3 sentences that will grab the subscribers attention and then provide a NOTICABLE link (or go with a button!) so they can click through to the full article on your website. Even if the point of the article isn’t to sell, getting subscribers to visit your website is a step closer to a conversion!
  • When including images in campaigns, be sure to hyperlink back to your website. Subscribers will click on images, so if you’re not using this as an opportunity to direct potential customers back to your website, then you’re missing out!
  • All images should include Alt Text. However, you don’t want to make the Alt Text the obvious by just naming the product or describing the image. If there’s a deal, mention it in the Alt Text so it gives subscribers another reason to download images and spend time viewing your email campaign.
  • Above all, don’t confuse your subscribers! They should easily be able to tell (within the first 3 seconds of viewing your campaign) what action you’re looking for from your subscriber base. Whether it’s answering a survey, giving feedback, a killer sale, an informative article on Cloud-based securities, or a newly released product or service, make it known!

At the end of the day, while you may have a fantastically designed campaign, you also want to be sure it’s effective in generating a return on your investment. So get those conversions by being smart about designing email campaigns for maximum response!