Why you need Content Curation and Content Creation

Why you need Content Curation and Content Creation

Publishing a continuous flow of newsworthy information and social posts will keep your brand thriving in your community and be a source for your readers to go to. In turn, creating quality customers and higher conversion rates for your business.

The frequency of publishing original content is no easy task and can quickly leave small business owners unsure of what to do next to grow their brand and popularity. Content curation can be a great way to continuously publish information to your readers and followers, but the most successful method is a carefully strategize plan using both.


Content curation is the process of gathering new and useful information relevant in your industry and publishing it for your readers. While it is information already written and published by somebody else, it will keep your readers informed and brand your company as a source to go to for reliable information. Your company becomes knowledgeable and trustworthy, which in turn will lead to higher traffic back to your website.

Content creation, or copywriting, is the process of researching and publishing your own words that contribute information to a specific audience. This will strengthen your brand and create original content that isn’t taken from anywhere else, but published exclusively by your company. You are now taking the lead on related information in the industry and asserting a voice and opinion to go with your brand.

The smart option is to include both content creation and curation into your strategic marketing plan. It is improbable to assume that one could keep up with the amount of information published on the internet today and publish fresh created content at that frequency. It would be too time-consuming and stressful, whereas content curation can be quicker to find as a great solution to plug in between your own publications.


Content Curation
When looking to curate content, remember to look for the articles that aren’t mainstream already. They tend to hit their peak fast and your readers may have already read the article. Present information that could point out a different angle of the discussion than mainstream suggests, and create a voiced opinion through the news you share.

Choose different material for different channels. Don’t publish the same articles on Twitter as you would for Facebook. If you do it can be repetitive and you will have the same followers on all channels. Instead, curate content appropriate for Twitter and other content for Facebook. It will take a bit longer to gather all the material to share in different platforms, but it invests in a stronger and bigger audience in the long run.

Remember, all the material you share on your channels align your brand and presence to those voices and opinions. Research the niche you want to represent before sharing. Figure out a few companies that you want to be in conversation with and publish through the right channels in order to make an impact. Create insight through the curated content for your audiences and become a trusted source for information and value in your opinion.

Content Creation
The benefits of content creation are valuable. Every time you publish original content, there is an uptick in web traffic and SEO opportunities that will lead Google searches back to your site after you have published your blog.  

Create content that relates directly to the main message of your company. Each time you publish a blog, you create a voice in the industry that your customers can turn to. The tone of your blogs will become reflective of your brand’s image. Keep up the consistency of publishing your own content and your customers will likely continue returning to those channels and sharing your content for you, which will reach out to further communities. These links pull them back to your site, creating more opportunity for conversion.

The skinny on implementing both
Don’t rely on only one outlet of content. Only curate content, and you risk telling your customers to go somewhere else for information. The links do not end at your website and while clicks are shown to be 33% higher than original content, the conversion rate is lower. Only create content, and your frequency will slow down as it takes time to produce quality information. The opportunity to engage in conversation with trending articles and share information with your brand voice attached is missed.

The answer is a balance of both. Research similar companies in your industry and look at what they are doing. Find several news sources that publish content that aligns with your brand for curation. What are the giant voices in the industry? Engage with your community through appropriate channels to get the best results. Decide on your blog topics ahead of time and schedule them out to stay consistent. Create a content calendar that will include your original content, and curated content. It takes time and consistency but the time put in will create the voice and tone for your brand over time.